Entered the world outside of St. Louis city. Raised on Rock'n'Roll, the Three Stooges, and fresh airSarah. Learned that confidence comes from hard work, while studying in the southwest corner of Missouri.

My adventure continues  

Currently: Exploring salt lake city


I am a design thinker.

Thought and intention are behind what I create.



Excited By

Deep-dive, thoughtful, intentional, functional work. Defining information hierarchy + typographic hierarchy. Learning from analytics. Including design details. Considering the experience and interaction. Thinking objectively. Organizing information. Research.


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designer at Red Olive



Asia + U.S. Travel

Took half a gap year to go out of my comfort zone, experience new things, reflect on history, appreciate beautiful landscapes, meet new people, explore, and get a better perspective of the world and my life. Polished my skills in communication, decision making, self-sufficiency, adaptability and cross-cultural understanding. 

2014 - 2016

DESIGNer AT jager boston

Focused on elevating branding and editorial projects, while developing skills in digital experiences. Fostered a close working relationship with clients. 

2012 - 2014

intern turned CONTRACT Designer at

Large corporate environment working with teams of Creative and PR professionals to execute high-profile brand's needs from concept to print or post. Exposed to every realm of the industry: from event production to laying out RFPs. It was here where I became aware of my love for branding.